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Improving Your Family’s Water Supply


Investing in a new home? Updating an existing residence? In need of a new or improved water supply?

Ortman Drilling & Water Services, an 88-year, four -generation firm dedicated to quality materials and workmanship, would be pleased to help you obtain a safe and adequate water supply for you and your family.
We would appreciate an opportunity to provide recommendations for proper sizing of equipment, location of well and cost estimates. We are very proud of our well-trained and experienced staff. They are dedicated to giving you the service and courtesy you expect.
Ortman Drilling & Water Services has a well-maintained fleet of modern equipment to complete your project in a timely manner. Because of our dedication to excellence, we can offer the best warranties in the industry. Be sure to inquire.
Our firm can also aid in the design and installation of a geothermal heating and cooling system for new or existing homes. Open or closed loop, we will achieve your goal for a more efficient home. We also utilize the most advanced constant pressure systems on the market today. We can size these systems for correct, efficient, long-lasting operation even when supplying a home, geothermal and sprinkling system. Contact us for an estimate.