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Providing Fire Well Systems


If your facility is in need of fire protection, consider Ortman Drilling & Water Services for the water supply. We can ensure long-lasting, dependable usage of your fire well system. Annual inspections can be completed by our staff to keep you in compliance.

Open pond systems can also be constructed and maintained by our team. This type of system will beautify your property while maintaining a fire suppression system.
Underground reservoir systems may also be utilized when an open pond is not desirable and the ground water supply is not adequate.
We can provide and service all types of fire system pumping equipment, from horizontal pumps to verticals, and even in-line units. Each pump will be designed to specifically meet your needs.
Annual testing of your pumping equipment is required by state law. It is also recommended by most insurance companies. Our crews will not only test and service the pump, but also diesel engines and every component to the system.