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Evaluating the Impact of Water Extraction on the Aquifers

Aquifer evaluation is the process of determining how the aquifer responds when water is pumped out. How the aquifer is impacted, how deep the water level drops, how quickly the water recovers to original static level, and how far away we see influence from a single pumping well. All of these items play a role in answering the questions, “How much water can I pump?” and “How many wells can I put in this field?”

These questions are as much for new well fields as they are for existing fields. When it is time to expand, it is critical that you answer these questions to be sure that this aquifer remains a viable source of water for many years, and that it is not dewatered, leaving your facility high and dry.

Flow tests for this type of evaluation can be as short as 24 hours or as long as you think they need to be. More information often equals greater confidence in the overall evaluation and higher degree of certainty for future planning.