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Heating and Cooling Your Business


Ortman Drilling & Water Services will determine the most cost-effective method (open or closed loop geothermal) of drilling the boreholes for your geothermal heating and cooling system. Taking into account soil conditions, topography, available sources of water and system requirements, Ortman Drilling & Water Services will design a system that works most effectively for your home or business.

Ortman Drilling & Water Services has the experience, expertise and equipment to undertake projects requiring either vertical or horizontal loop drilling. These drilling methods can accommodate both open and closed loop systems.

Vertical Closed Loop Systems

Ortman Drilling & Water Services’ multi-million dollar investment in drilling rigs gives it the capability to bore a wide variety of vertical holes to specific depths up to 600 feet or greater. With four geothermal rigs available and eight certified drillers on staff, projects can be completed in a timely fashion regardless of the project's size.

Our experienced drilling crews install all geothermal piping and grout materials per engineered specifications. Ortman Drilling & Water Services can provide thermal conductivity testing services to confirm formation conditions during the design phase of a project. In addition, we offer post-construction thermal conductivity testing to verify a solid thermal connection of completed loops.

Horizontal Closed Loop Systems

For horizontal closed loop systems, Ortman Drilling & Water Services can facilitate directional drilling and has equipment to complete any size excavation or trenching project. A horizontal closed loop field is composed of pipes that run horizontally in the ground. A long horizontal trench, deeper than the frost line, is dug and multiple U-shaped or "slinky coils" are placed horizontally inside the trench. Excavation costs for horizontal loop fields are less than the cost of vertical drilling, so this is a common layout used wherever there is adequate land available.

As an alternative to trenching, the horizontal loop field may be laid by horizontal directional drilling. This technique can lay piping under yards, driveways or other structures without disturbing them, with a cost between those of trenching and vertical drilling.

Vertical Open Loop Systems

Ortman Drilling & Water Services installs open loop geothermal systems that pull natural water from a well or body of water into a heat exchanger located inside the heat pump. In this system, heat is either extracted or added by the primary refrigerant loop, and the water is returned to a separate injection well, irrigation trench, tile field or other body of water. Since the water chemistry is not controlled, the appliance may need to be protected from corrosion by using alternative metals in the heat exchanger and pump. If the water contains high levels of salt, minerals or hydrogen sulfide, a closed loop system is usually preferable.