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J. B. Ortman of Kokomo started a well drilling business in 1922 with a home made wooden drilling machine he bought for $200.00. He paid another $200.00 for a Titan tractor to power the drilling rig.

Since those austere beginnings more than 90 years ago, Ortman Drilling Inc. has completed more than 12,000 wells with a total depth of more than 2,000,000 feet -- almost 400 miles! And, wells are only a part of the business!

Ortman Drilling is now a fourth generation family firm, among the most respected and progressive in the Midwest. Various members of the firm either now are or have served in the very highest leadership positions of the local, State, and National trade associations and professional societies for the water industry.

In addition to eight custom designed drilling rigs, Ortman Drilling also operates nine fully equipped telephone dispatched service crews for all types of pump work, water system and water treatment installations and services. Our specialties are well cleanings and rehabilitations, using state of the art techniques & equipment.

Ortman Drilling's pump work expertise involves turbines, submersibles, high service (vertical and horizontal turbines, split case and end suction), circulating, pool, cooling, chemical treatment, dewatering, high pressure and booster pumps. Potable water treatment work deals with piping, valving, metering, test pumping, filters (pressure and gravity), softeners and all filter media.

This wide variety of water related work is for municipalities, schools, swimming pools, parks, industries, golf courses, custon homes, farms and other high capacity facilities. Well drilling sizes range up to 60 inches in diameter, and pump capacities go to more than 6,000 gallons per minute.

The company's professional staff includes hydrogeologists specializing in water location and protection projects utilizing advanced computer models as well as resource evaluation. Design and construction of approved fire wells and fire pumps are among other professional services offered. You can now see why Ortmans' motto makes sense!

We are a full service water supply contractor, working in all phases of water well/system engineering and installation throughout the States of Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan since 1922. Our personnel include drillers licensed by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and certified by the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) (more licensed and certified drillers than any other operation in the State of Indiana), NGWA certified pump installers, and Indiana Licensed Professional Geologists (L.P.G.).

The expertise and experience at Ortman goes further than water systems. We also operate an elevator drilling division and an ethanol water resource group. The elevator division incorporates the most advanced drilling techniques for rehabilitation and installation of new cylinder casings in existing buildings. Cylinder casing installation for new construction is also available. Our ethanol division specializes in long term sustainable water resources for this unique, high capacity industry. We have designed, installed, and maintained the well fields for numerous ethanol production facilities.

"Water is Our Business" Since 1922"